My Delicate Heart

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My Delicate Heart

The ink spills across the sky staining the clouds as it runs by,
Reds, oranges, blues and black
Black like those miserable stains on my heart.
The ones i try to clean and scrub
Stains caused by Hurt, the mocking words and the lies,
The betrayal runs deep, the hypocrisy stabs at
My delicate heart.
My delicate heart full of love for my child, love that transforms me into a lioness
Growling and pouncing at those who dare to attack.
Attack they will, the feeble treachourous rats,
Attack they will but forever remain in my shadow
Too afraid to squeak I will hunt them down.
I will protect what is mine with claws in so deep
Scratch scratch scratch
They try to scratch at my skin unaware of the strength within me,
Unaware of my pounding blood
Unaware of my raging heart
Unaware of what lies ahead
I will be there then
To seek justice for
My delicate heart.

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